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Explanation of reservation and stay


  • Guests staying in our chalets are welcome again from May 1, 2020.
  • Book online via the reservation module on our website or by email at info@stadscampingzeeland.nl.
  • Once you have made a booking you will receive a confirmation with a payment link.
  • Pay online via the link so that you do not have to go to the reception for the bill.
  • We enter your license plate in our system, so that you have access during our stay via our automatic barrier.


  • By means of license plate recognition you can easily arrive at our campsite via our barrier. We inform you before arrival about the house number and the location of your chalet or the pitch number of your camping pitch and the method of check-in.
  • Our administrators work on site and can be approached if you have any questions. Our team can be reached by email and telephone.
  • Based on your online reservation and payment, we can keep the reception closed to everyone’s safety.


  • You will be informed by email about the location of your chalet.
  • As soon as we can receive camper guests and camping guests, they will also be informed about the pitch number before arrival.
  • Our site is large, there is room for everyone.
  • Always keep 1.5 meters away from others.


  • The central sanitary building is open again


  • At the moment we have bread service again.
  • There are no drinks or edibles available.
  • There are several supermarkets and bakers in the immediate vicinity, they will be happy with your visit!
    • Bakery Schrieks, Euromarkt 6 Middelburg
    • Aldi, Euromarkt 8 Middelburg
    • Jumbo, Sir W. Churchilllaan 49 Middelburg
    • Albert Heijn, Pottenbakkerssingel 2 Middelburg
    • The Taste of Yesterday, Bakker, Langeviele 67 Middelburg
  • The restaurants and terraces in the area are open again.
    Various restaurants, attractions and museums work with online reservations.


  • Day visit or visit is allowed again.
  • Day visit or visit should always be reported at the reception.
  • If a car has to be parked, we charge € 7.50 per car per day.


Make sure that your contact details are known to us (e-mail address). We can then quickly inform you about matters that are relevant.


De huisartspraktijk in de buurt is:

  • Huisartsenpraktijk ’t Stadshart, Kalverstraat 1 te Middelburg, tel 0118 – 820 970 en
  • Huisartsenpost https://www.zhco.nl/huisartsenpost/ HAP Vlissingen
    Koudekerkseweg 86, Vlissingen, naast ADRZ. Maak eerst afspraak, bel 0900 – 1985


These are special times and these require special measures. The safety of you and our staff is central to our regulations.

The following references apply to the following RECRON General Terms and Conditions:

  • Tourist guests: RECRON General Conditions Tourist Stay, Article 9 paragraph 3
  • Seasonal guests: RECRON General Conditions Seasonal places, article 9 paragraph 3
  • Accommodation and holiday accommodation: RECRON General Conditions for Holiday Accommodation, article 9 paragraph 1


Do you have any questions about this protocol or anything else?
Call 0118 856 550
Mail info@stadscampingzeeland.nl